Who we are

For nearly 10 years now, ARTVERTISE has been carrying out creative and unconventional projects.

The last decade has witnessed some rapid changes. Advertising budgets are changing, requirements are growing and digital solutions are dominating ones. Working with our clients – and these include international corporations, Polish companies, agencies and startups – we have had a unique chance to experience all of those challenges together. We know that our clients do not expect much – they only expect what’s best :)

The power of ARTVERTISE lays in a an often forgotten word. The word is RESPONSIBILITY. We know the long road from the creative idea to its implementation. This road is our passion. We listen to the guidelines but do not fear to present an idea from “outside the box”. The final word is always on the client’s side. We, in turn, are responsible for the comprehensive implementation of the project. From the beginning to the end.

We were established in Kielce, thriving in the local market. Currently our office is also located in Warsaw. However, the truth is we are present everywhere. E-mail, Face Time, or Skype allow us to have a direct contact no matter which city your company operates in. We also like to travel and never say no if the Client expects a face to face meeting.

Questions? The challenging ones are our favourites!

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